Reel East Texas



104 minutes


After surviving the Syrian war and becoming a refugee, Jacir, now resettled into a rough neighborhood in Memphis, Tennessee, is in search of a new life. He finds himself alone, with no knowledge of the culture, and struggles with his poor English… far from the ideal new life he imagined. A strange new environment is the least of Jacir’s problems when he befriends a cat, Morty, which belongs to his next-door neighbor, Meryl, an elderly Caucasian lady who is an opioid addicted shut-in and former blues singer.

Influenced by conservative talk shows, Meryl wants nothing to do with her new neighbor and makes it a point to give him the cold shoulder. Jacir embarks on a journey to win the affection of a new love interest, Nadia, while dealing with her overzealous dad Adam; and measuring a newfound friendship with an African American rapper named Jerome.

All the while, he must prove to Agent Simmons with I.C.E that his suspicions are unfounded.

Showtime Info

Block: Feature-Only
Nov. 12 // Texan Theater
5:00 p.m.