Reel East Texas

Tiger Mom


87 minutes


Ai Ke is in her final year of secondary school. Her grade at school is in the medium level. She has a gift for painting. Her mother Xu Qiuping deprives her daughter’s freedom to paint freely in order to make her to get into the best senior high school in the future. Ai Ke’s father Ai Hongjun feels embarrassed while facing the daughter-mother relationship in the family. With these, the high pressure of middle school exam makes the parent-child relationship into a serious situation. After unceasing conflicts, the parents finally understand Ai Ke and decides to let her choose her life path freely. This film touches upon the hot topics of society and family, and it introspects the final exam of secondary school and the meanings of revolution of exam. Meanwhile, the film castigates the social phenomenon: commercialized education. It also affirms an essence that human-centered education method is always the foundation of education system.

Showtime Info

Block: Family Fun Times
Nov. 12 // Texan Theater
12:30 p.m.