At the Mercy of Faith


101 Pages


A chilling tale of the internal struggles between the forces of good and evil within oneself, and the invisible universe that surrounds us all.

Marvin Tailor, a disciple of God, falls from grace after the traumatic event he experienced as a teenager, and grows up to be a bitter man, who is constantly being tested by forces, ONLY HIS EYES CAN BEHOLD, battling to claim his soul.

It is only after losing all of the intrinsic components that had forged the stability and identity of his adult life, including the trust of his family, that Marvin realizes he has to… stay on his feet, and confront the demons that has terrorized his conscience for years.

During his “time and season,” can Marvin overcome the harrowing trauma of his past… to reclaim his peace and salvation? Or will his discombobulating guilt continue to spew him down the path of his HELL BOUND demise?

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