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Join the REEL Society, a vibrant and inclusive community that celebrates and supports local filmmaking talent!

As a member of the REEL Society, you’ll join a passionate community of individuals who share your deep appreciation for cinema and the arts. Connect with like-minded individuals who value the power of film to inspire, educate, and entertain. Your involvement plays a pivotal role in supporting the REEL’s mission, fostering creativity and nurturing the local film community.

But it doesn’t end there. Choose a level that works for you and unlock a range of exclusive benefits designed to enhance your festival experience. Gain entry to captivating festival events, including screenings, panel discussions, and workshops, where you can immerse yourself in the world of cinema and expand your knowledge. Imagine being among the first to discover talented filmmakers and engaging in thought-provoking conversations about the art of storytelling.

REEL Society Membership Levels

As a valued member, your commitment to supporting local filmmaking will not go unnoticed, and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’re making a difference in the lives of aspiring filmmakers and the growth of the festival.

Join the REEL Society today and be a part of a thriving community that celebrates the magic of cinema. Connect, contribute, and help shape the future of REEL East Texas.

Key Grip


Includes two (2) All-Access Weekend Passes to REEL East Texas Film Festival and your name listed in the festival program

Assistant Director


Includes one (1) All-Access 
Weekend Pass to 
REEL East Texas Film Festival

Production Assistant


Includes one (1) Day Pass to REEL East Texas Film Festival



All REEL Society members will be 
acknowledged at the festival and online


REEL East Texas fosters a thriving film scene, safeguards historic theaters, and sparks the imaginations of future filmmakers, nurturing talent from script to screen.


REEL East Texas exists to transform East Texas into a thriving center for film, where stories come alive, history endures, and future generations of filmmakers find their voice, shaping the cultural landscape for years to come.