REEL East Texas

About Us


REEL East Texas fosters a thriving film scene, safeguards historic theaters, and sparks the imaginations of future filmmakers, nurturing talent from script to screen.


REEL East Texas exists to transform East Texas into a thriving center for film, where stories come alive, history endures, and future generations of filmmakers find their voice, shaping the cultural landscape for years to come.

Festival Director

Driven by a lifelong love of storytelling, Chip Hale has carved a multifaceted career in the film industry. After earning his BA in Film Studies from the University of North Texas, he spent 12 years in Los Angeles immersed in the world of filmmaking. His early directorial efforts, like the drama “Mulligans” (2008), showcased his talent for crafting engaging narratives. But it was his critically acclaimed documentary, “Sweethearts of the Gridiron” (2015), that truly ignited his passion for empowering filmmakers and impacting communities. Fueled by this desire, Chip founded the REEL East Texas Film Festival in 2017.