Nov. 9, 2023



Texan Theater and Old Post Office

Film Festival

Film Festival

Join us in Kilgore Nov. 9, 2023

Film Industry

Film Industry

Make your film in Kilgore, Texas!

Learn more about our selections, screenings, and activities set for the sixth annual REEL East Texas Film Festival in Kilgore.
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2023 Submissions Open March 12

Texas Film Commission

Join us at 3 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10 in the Texan Theater, and learn about the various Texas Film Commission programs and resources available to a variety of productions, in order to provide them with statewide locations research, scouting and permitting guidance. Texas Film Commission’s Matt Miller will explain best practices and tools available when marketing Texas-based locations to production opportunities, as well as what to expect from on-location production inquiries. 

Target Audience: Property Owners (Residential & Business)  and Filmmakers

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To cultivate a local film and entertainment industry by hosting national and international filmmakers in Kilgore while strategically investing in historic East Texas assets.

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