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88 minutes


Torched tells the story of a group of women/non-binary athletes in Austin who are trying to legitimize and professionalize their fringe sport of Ultimate Frisbee in a historically male-dominated sports industry.

Intent on being more than just another sports team, the Austin Torch’s commitment to various community initiatives is as important to them as their performance on the field. A wild and fiery bunch befitting their name, Torch’s journey from inception in 2018 to the upcoming 2023 season has been derailed countless times. As they balance their personal and professional lives with their passion for sports and activism, their resolve is often tested, but never (so far) defeated. This is an underdog story about a tight-knit group of athletes continuing to follow a dream even when there are countless reasons to quit and focus on “real life”, whatever that is.

The film follows several key members of the Austin Torch; a new mother in search of the missing piece to her elite athletic accomplishments; an overextended team president/player struggling to balance the demands of her dream with her new marriage; a corporate sales manager frustrated with her mundane job who seeks thrills in the DIY nature of growing a team and a sport; a fourth grade teacher who sets out to popularize the Torch with her theatrical, brash playing style; an aspiring musician with almost too much talent to focus on just one pursuit; and finally, an unlikely male ally named “Bonesaw” whose past career as the frontman of a touring band positioned him perfectly for a role as Torch co-founder and operations manager, and an advocate for women’s/non-binary sports.

As we follow the team in act III throughout their comeback season, we come to realize that though the Torch might not always win, they somehow never really lose.

Showtime Info

Block 14: Doc Block II
Saturday, Nov. 11
Texan Theater, 1:30 P.M.