2020 Screening Schedule

All in-person film screenings take place at the historic Texan Theater at 201 S Kilgore St in downtown Kilgore. 

DAN: Dance Film.    DF: Documentary Feature.    DS: Documentary Short.    MV: Music Video.   NS: Narrative Short.    NF: Narrative Feature

Thursday November 12

6pm: Opening Night

Golden Legs by Spencer Krasch | Newhall, California (MV)
Sky | Houston, Texas (NS)
The Runners | Hallsville, Texas (NF)

8:45pm Mother Earth

Planet Blue (Journey to Eco) | Orlando, Florida (NS)
Talking to the Wind | San Pedro, California (DF)

Friday November 13

11am: Topical Topics

Reparations | Hawthorne, New Jersey (NS)
Your Dog Likes Me More Than You | Brooklyn, New York (NS)
Finding Courage | Huguenot, New York (DF)

1:30pm: Perseverance

The Speech | Los Angeles, California (NS)
Victory Swim | Kaunakakai, Hawaii (DS)

3:00pm Leading Ladies

Bite the Hand | Los Angeles, California (NS)
Bloom | Austin, Texas (NS)
Summer Nights | Austin, Texas (NF)

5:00pm: Bio Doc Block*

Pant Hoot | Dallas, Texas (DS)
The Ballad of John Henry | St. Louis, Missouri (DS)
5700 Ramey Ave | Ft. Worth, Texas (DF)

*This block will have a small intermission to the length of 141mins

7:30pm: Laughs All Around

Your First Day In Hell | Austin, Texas (NS)
Milk Toast | Austin, Texas (NS)
My New Pants | New York, New York (NS)
Safelight | Huntington Beach, California (NS)
Project Girl | Ft. Worth, Texas (NS)
Damsel | San Antonio, Texas (NS)

9:00pm: Sci-Fs and Slashers

Paralysis | Dallas,Texas (NS)
Along the Creek Road | Texas (NS)
Mors Bonum | San Antonio, Texas (NS)
Artifact-DedBeach | Long Beach, California (NS)
Killing Time | San Antonio, Texas (NS)
Caprock | Big Spring, Texas (NS)
Point | Longview, Texas (NS)
The Mortician of Manila | London, United Kingdom (DS)

Saturday November 14

10am: Music Lovers Block

Won’t You Be My Friend by The Hayden Elders | Austin, Texas (MV)
Round Prairie Road by Jamestown Revival | Argyle, Texas (MV)
Who Sang It First by Benny Turner | Lancaster, Pennsylvania (MV)
Voice Box by Why Bonnie | Austin, Texas (MV)
Riders of the Purple Sage: The Making of a Western Opera | Scottsdale, Arizona (DF)

12:30pm: Man's Best Friend*

Stewy Baby a Dogumentary | Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (DS)
Stray Dogs | Indiana (NF)
RUFF LIFE Games Gaslighting & Bitches | Manor, Texas (DF)

*This block will have a small intermission to the length of 171 mins

3:00pm: Foreign Flavors

 Mirror | Athens, Greece (DAN)
 Triptych | Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia (NS)
Silent Movie | Parana, Brazil (NS)
Umbrella Dance For Hong Kong | Wanchai, Hong Kong (DAN)
 Lux Clara | Vojvodina, Serbia (NS)
 Walk a Mile | Wellington, New Zealand (NS)
Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish | Mockba, Russia (DS)

4:30pm: Love and Marriage

Retirement Day | San Antonio, Texas (NS)
Rendezvous | Cibolo, Texas (NS)
Pretty Ugly Complicated | Belle Meade, Florida (NS)
Seven Short Films About (Our) Marriage | Waco, Texas (NF)

7:15pm: American Families

Comé! (eat) | Lakeland, Florida (NS)
Dear Ronan | Oklahoma (NS)
The Dark Places | Henderson, Texas (NS)
It’s A Good Day | Tyler, Texas (DS)
Heavy These Days | Scotch Plains, New Jersey (DAN)
Salting the Fly | Conroe, Texas (NS)

8:30pm: Summer Lovin'

Six Day Back | Seattle, Washington (NS)
The Taste of Summer | New Iberia, Louisiana (NS) 
Love is not Love | Los Angeles, California 

Sunday November 15

1:00pm: Eclectic Doc Block

MOM’s: More Than An Organic Market | Bethesda, Maryland (DS)
Indians, Outlaws, Marshals and the Hangin’ Judge | Fayetteville, Arkansas (DF)

3:30pm: Beauty Knows No Pain

The One and Only Jewish Miss America | Tucson, Arizona (DS)
Quest for Beauty | Los Angeles, California (DF)

5:00pm: American Me

Dispatches from the Vietnam War| Washington, DC (DS)
A Conversation with America | USA (DF)

7:00pm: Closing Night

Fear of Flying | Dallas, Texas (DAN)
Diagnosing Healthcare | Wesley Chapel, Florida (DF)