2020 Screening Schedule

All in-person film screenings take place at the historic Texan Theater at 201 S Kilgore St in downtown Kilgore. 

To view the Film Guide and learn more about each film keep scrolling all the way down the page or visit our Eventive Film Festival page

DAN: Dance Film.    DF: Documentary Feature.    DS: Documentary Short.    MV: Music Video.   
NS: Narrative Short.    NF: Narrative Feature

Thursday November 12

6pm: Opening Night

Golden Legs by Spencer Krasch | Newhall, California (MV)
Sky | Houston, Texas (NS)
The Runners | Hallsville, Texas (NF)

8:45pm Mother Earth

Planet Blue (Journey to Eco) | Orlando, Florida (NS)
Talking to the Wind | San Pedro, California (DF)

Friday November 13

11am: Topical Topics

Reparations | Hawthorne, New Jersey (NS)
Your Dog Likes Me More Than You | Brooklyn, New York (NS)
Finding Courage | Huguenot, New York (DF)

1:30pm: Perseverance

The Speech | Los Angeles, California (NS)
Victory Swim | Kaunakakai, Hawaii (DS)

3:00pm Leading Ladies

Bite the Hand | Los Angeles, California (NS)
Bloom | Austin, Texas (NS)
Summer Nights | Austin, Texas (NF)

5:00pm: Bio Doc Block*

Pant Hoot | Dallas, Texas (DS)
The Ballad of John Henry | St. Louis, Missouri (DS)
5700 Ramey Ave | Ft. Worth, Texas (DF)

*This block will have a small intermission to the length of 141mins

7:30pm: Laughs All Around

Your First Day In Hell | Austin, Texas (NS)
Milk Toast | Austin, Texas (NS)
My New Pants | New York, New York (NS)
Safelight | Huntington Beach, California (NS)
Project Girl | Ft. Worth, Texas (NS)
Damsel | San Antonio, Texas (NS)

9:00pm: Sci-Fs and Slashers

Paralysis | Dallas,Texas (NS)
Along the Creek Road | Texas (NS)
Mors Bonum | San Antonio, Texas (NS)
Artifact-DedBeach | Long Beach, California (NS)
Killing Time | San Antonio, Texas (NS)
Caprock | Big Spring, Texas (NS)
Point | Longview, Texas (NS)
The Mortician of Manila | London, United Kingdom (DS)

Saturday November 14

10am: Music Lovers Block

Won’t You Be My Friend by The Hayden Elders | Austin, Texas (MV)
Round Prairie Road by Jamestown Revival | Argyle, Texas (MV)
Who Sang It First by Benny Turner | Lancaster, Pennsylvania (MV)
Voice Box by Why Bonnie | Austin, Texas (MV)
Riders of the Purple Sage: The Making of a Western Opera | Scottsdale, Arizona (DF)

12:30pm: Man’s Best Friend*

Stewy Baby a Dogumentary | Coeur d’Alene, Idaho (DS)
Stray Dogs | Indiana (NF)
RUFF LIFE Games Gaslighting & Bitches | Manor, Texas (DF)

*This block will have a small intermission to the length of 171 mins

3:00pm: Foreign Flavors

 Mirror | Athens, Greece (DAN)
 Triptych | Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia (NS)
Silent Movie | Parana, Brazil (NS)
Umbrella Dance For Hong Kong | Wanchai, Hong Kong (DAN)
 Lux Clara | Vojvodina, Serbia (NS)
 Walk a Mile | Wellington, New Zealand (NS)

4:30pm: Love and Marriage

Retirement Day | San Antonio, Texas (NS)
Rendezvous | Cibolo, Texas (NS)
Pretty Ugly Complicated | Belle Meade, Florida (NS)
Seven Short Films About (Our) Marriage | Waco, Texas (NF)

7:15pm: American Families

Comé! (eat) | Lakeland, Florida (NS)
Dear Ronan | Oklahoma (NS)
The Dark Places | Henderson, Texas (NS)
It’s A Good Day | Tyler, Texas (DS)
Heavy These Days | Scotch Plains, New Jersey (DAN)
Salting the Fly | Conroe, Texas (NS)

8:30pm: Summer Lovin’

Six Day Back | Seattle, Washington (NS)
The Taste of Summer | New Iberia, Louisiana (NS) 
Love is not Love | Los Angeles, California (NF)

Sunday November 15

11:30am: Spotlight Block

Sockeye Salmon. Red Fish | Mockba, Russia (DS)

1:00pm: Eclectic Doc Block

MOM’s: More Than An Organic Market | Bethesda, Maryland (DS)
Indians, Outlaws, Marshals and the Hangin’ Judge | Fayetteville, Arkansas (DF)

3:30pm: Beauty Knows No Pain

The One and Only Jewish Miss America | Tucson, Arizona (DS)
Quest for Beauty | Los Angeles, California (DF)

5:00pm: American Me

Dispatches from the Vietnam War| Washington, DC (DS)
A Conversation with America | USA (DF)

7:00pm: Closing Night

Fear of Flying | Dallas, Texas (DAN)
Diagnosing Healthcare | Wesley Chapel, Florida (DF)