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The Texan Yard Revitalization Project is a visionary initiative that seeks to rejuvenate the underutilized space adjacent to the historic Texan Theater in Kilgore, Texas. This ambitious project is driven by a deep understanding of the theater’s historic relevance in Kilgore, dating back to its construction in 1934 during the oil boom era. The Texan Theater, designed in the iconic Art Deco architectural style of the 1920s and 1930s, played a central role in Kilgore’s cultural landscape. It served as a gathering place for the community, hosting a myriad of events, including movies, live music performances, and theatrical productions. The Texan Theater is not just a structure; it is a living testament to Kilgore’s rich heritage and cultural identity.


Locally Designed Murals: $20,000
These murals will not only beautify the space but also pay homage to Kilgore’s history and culture, reflecting the Texan Theater’s influence.

Outdoor Stage Construction: $15,000
The outdoor stage will provide a platform for cultural performances and community events, harkening back to the Texan Theater’s legacy as an entertainment hub.

Playground and Construction Materials: $30,000
Construction materials for a dedicated playground are a core component of this project, creating a safe and imaginative space for children to play and explore in the heart of our downtown area.

Adult Recreational Furniture and Amenities: $12,000
The inclusion of comfortable furniture and amenities ensures that the space caters to diverse age groups, echoing the Texan Theater’s role as a space for community gatherings.

Interactive Elements: $8,000
Interactive elements include a bocce ball court, ping pong tables, and extra large chess and checkers sets which will infuse the space with a sense of playfulness, paying homage to the Texan Theater’s history of entertaining residents of all ages.

Administrative and Personnel Costs: $10,000
These costs are vital for efficient project management, mirroring the Texan Theater’s past as a well-organized cultural institution.

Miscellaneous Expenses: $5,000
Miscellaneous expenses provide a safety net for unforeseen challenges, ensuring the project’s successful completion.

Total Budget: $100,000

The Texan Yard Revitalization Project is an ambitious and transformative endeavor rooted in a deep appreciation for Kilgore’s history and the iconic Texan Theater’s historic relevance. Our comprehensive project plan outlines precise budgeting, a well-defined funding strategy, and a meticulously planned timeline. The project’s potential to elevate community engagement, culture, education, and well-being is profound, and its sustainability is assured through robust planning and strategic partnerships. By breathing new life into this historically significant space, we aim to strengthen our community’s bonds, honor its heritage, and create a vibrant and lasting legacy for Kilgore, Texas, inspired by the Texan Theater’s enduring influence.

Texan Theater

Texan Theater


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