Reel East Texas



46 minutes


Dumped and alone at a city park, Honk spends his days dodging cars, begging for food and looking for friends. When Cheryl and Honk’s path cross unexpectedly, what follows is a story in which fairy tales are made. During an unprecedented time of lock downs and social distancing, this unlikely pair turn to each other for companionship. After Cheryl shares videos of their unusual friendship on social media, Honk becomes an overnight sensation. News and other media outlets share his story which results in people all over the world becoming invested in his well-being. Cheryl soon learns why Honk is alone and the two embark on an uncertain journey together. With close to 80K followers on Instagram, he has become a much needed symbol of hope, friendship and love during a time of overwhelming struggle and loss for so many.

Showtime Info

Block: Lunch Break
Nov. 11 // Texan Theater
11:30 a.m.