Reel East Texas

The Duel


3 minutes


Go is a strategic two-player board game, known as “Yi”(弈) in ancient China, and “Go” in the west. “The Duel ” is about the protagonist’s inner struggle for victory and finding the meaning of opponents in her life. It is lonely for a skillful person without opponents. Through the battle of Go, the protagonist imagines a non-existent opponent and wants to have a duel. A real duel is to find a well-matched opponent who complements each other in fight and esteem. Most people treat their opponents with hostility. In fact, oftentimes it is not our family and friends who motivate us to persevere and reach the realm of success in the end. It is our survival and competition through rivalry. The choreographer intends to awe her opponents in life through this dance film.

Showtime Info

Block: Dancing and Singing
Nov. 10 // Texan Theater
9:00 p.m.