The Godfather of the Ocean


48 minutes


He is “The Godfather of the Oceans”. Junchang Wu is the leader of a criminal network trafficking “Totoaba”, an endangered fish living in Mexican waters. Known as the “cocaine of the sea” for its lucrative price – up to 50,000 euros per kilo – totoaba is said to have miraculous properties according to traditional Chinese medicine. This traffic of endangered species sees the unique collaboration of two of the most violent criminal organization in the world: the Mexican cartels and the Chinese mafia.
Interpol, the Mexican and Chinese authorities are on the trail of Junchang Wu. They have already arrested several members of his network and are said to be about to put an end to the run of the “Godfather of the Oceans”, targeted by a red notic.

Showtime Info

Block 9: Criminal Minds
Friday, Nov. 10
Texan Theater, 6:00 P.M.