2023 | YEAR 7

Official Selections


Official Selections


Screening Thursday through Saturday, Nov. 9-11,
in the Texan Theater & Texas Broadcast Museum

A Thousand Times a Day (Austin, Texas)
Amity (Lawrenceville, Georgia)
Amor: The Tune of Love (India 🇮🇳)
Andrew After Angola (Santa Fe, New Mexico)
Animated Diaries of War: COFFEE
Anthem for Kashmir (India 🇮🇳)
Attack of the Swole People (Benbrook, Texas)
Baggage (Austin, Texas)
Beaten Track (Norway 🇳🇴)
Citizens of Nowhere (USA)
Civic Duty (Austin, Texas)
The Cleanse (North Richland Hills, Texas)
Color Blind or Color Brave (USA)
Cowgirls and Synthesizers (Springfield, Illinois)
Crosses in the Dust (Orlando, Florida)
Danny (USA)
Death by King Cake (Lafayette, Louisiana)
Do Over (Los Angeles, California)
Father’s Day (South Africa 🇿🇦)
Fight or Flight (New Zealand 🇳🇿)
Finally Me (Australia)
Flight Animal (Sweden)
Four Walls: Episode 1 (South Africa 🇿🇦)
Garden of Forking Dreams (Hong Kong 🇭🇰)
The Godfather of the Ocean (France 🇫🇷)
Gulf Coast Love Story (USA)
Hit & Run: Part 1 (Austin, Texas)
In Black and White (Tyler, Texas)
In Tow (Austin, Texas)
Into the Spotlight (Dallas, Texas)
Ivy Grace (Brooklyn, New York)
Killer in a Small Town (Las Vegas, Nevada)
Kristin Wants a Car (Corpus Christi, Texas)
Leverage (Austin, Texas)
Manicure (Dallas, Texas)
Milton (Waco, Texas)
Morgan (Ft. Worth, Texas)
Movement (Austin, Texas)
My Dear Aunt Sally (Texas)
Mystery at the Museum (Longview, Texas)
The Nana Project (Los Angeles, California)
Our Flag Was Still There
Our Males and Females (Jordan🇯🇴 )
Out of Control (Switzerland🇨🇭)
Overdue (Long Island, New York)
Pillow Fortress (France 🇫🇷 )
Powerless (El Paso, Texas)
Pregnant (Iran 🇮🇷 )
Sherlock Holmes Nightmare (Texas)
Sinful Betty’s Band “Forgotten” (California)
Sleepover (Cottage Grove, Minnesota)
Sunset Drive (Los Angeles, California)
That’s Funny (USA)
They Don’t Make Them Like Willie Anymore (Texas)
Title (Year) Director. Place (United Kingdom)
Together Forever (Los Angeles, California)
Torched (Austin, TX)
Unfriending (Canada 🇨🇦)
Unravel (Canada 🇨🇦)


Live Performance Time/Date To Be Determined
in Van Cliburn Auditorium at Kilgore College's
Anne Dean Performing Fine Arts Center, featuring


2023 Reel Student Film Selections


Screening at 10 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 11, in Texas Broadcast Museum

Scooby Doo & the Mystery of the Fire Alarms (comedy)
Vulcan (experimental)
Snatch and Blue: The Detective Crew (comedy)
How to Fight Climate Change (documentary)
Bright Eyes (drama)
Peach Lane (dramedy)
CODE: Destiny (sci-fi)
The Villain In His Mind (drama)
The Dark Side of Pet Breeding (documentary)


Screening Friday & Saturday, Nov. 10-11, in Texas Broadcast Museum

1.i (experimental | Hendrix College)
3:00am The Graveyard Shift (experimental | University of Texas – Rio Grande)
A Cognac at the Indy 500 (dramedy | Syracuse University)
Audition Tape (comedy | Baylor University)
Bank Man Fraud (dramedy | Austin Community College)
Bear with Me (drama | University of New Orleans)
Central Standard Time (comedy-crime | Baylor)
Chef’s Call (drama – University of Central Arkansas)
Collective Resistance (documentary | Toronto Metropolitan University)
The Color of the Moon (sci-fi/thriller | Baylor University)
Crossing Tides (drama | Low Key Arts)
Death Valley (sci-fi/thriller | Los Angeles Film School)
The End (drama-sci-fi | Southern Methodist University)
From the Top (drama | Baylor)
Ghosts (dramedy | Baylor University)
Glass Bottle (drama | School of Visual Arts)
The Groom Is a Lying Bastard (dramedy, romance | Wesleyan University)
HIT (drama | University of Texas)
House (sci-fi | University of Texas)
I See You (drama-thriller | New York Film Academy)
Lavender Fields (dramedy | Texas State University)
The Love Hack (rom-com | Southern Methodist University)
Master Sommelier (dramedy, thriller | University of Texas – San Antonio)
The Mojave Mirage (romance-thriller | Texas Tech)
Murphy’s Law (romantic comedy | Southern Methodist University)
Nightfall (drama-suspense | Syracuse)
Noman (horror-thriller | Miami Dade College)
Olivia (romantic comedy | Baylor University)
Other World (animation | New York University)
Penultimate Exam (comedy | University of Houston)
Richards Faith (drama | University of Texas – Arlington)
Seeing Red (comedy | Southern Methodist University)
Stench (drama | UNT)
The Thread of Remembrance (animation | Laval University, Québec)
Tissue (dramedy, crime, thriller – University of Houston)
Ukraine’s Daughter – Justyna Uschak (documentary | San Francisco Film School)
The Water’s Edge (drama-period | Southern Methodist University)
We’re All Gonna Die (drama | Southern Methodist University)
When I Dance (dance | University of Texas)

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